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Enjoy our secure supply and borrow DeFi platform .Be one step ahead of others with our indicators. Let your money work while you sleep with our autotrading terminal. Stay informed with our news section. Enjoy our FREE signal services and many more . All under one name - Market Indicator


Automation and Signals

Whether you are using the algorithmic trader to day trade, scalp or with your own custom strategy there is a high chance that you will be making money with Market Indicator.Just make sure you plan carefuly before letting your bots run .This is also the place where the best Crypto Signals feel home! Receive the Signals Straight to Your Mobile Device in real time for FREE! The main idea of crypto signals is that you will receive a trading suggestion on a desired timeframe and instrument. Each signal that is sent out to our users consists of buy or sell and the exact time the signal was issued. The issue time is considered the execution price of the signal.

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MIDeFi Platform

Multichain protocol algorithmic-based money market system. In simpler words - a place where you can lend or borrow crypto.Based on a Compound Fork we are extensively building the tech and expanding with security as our first priority.Watch out for the innovations we are going to bring in the upcoming year.

The bigger the timeframe , the stronger the signal.Market Indicator's web3 based application has automation. If you have a live account with one of our pre-selected partners, you will be able to enjoy the automation from the time of creation of your account. If you chose some other broker for your journey - you will need to make sure they support OPEN API on their platform. In this case everything is automated and receiving and executing signals only depends on your liquidity.

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2022 Q1

Beta open version of MIAT autotrading terminal

Mainnet Launch of MIDeFi algorithmic-based money market

2022 Q2

Market Indicator Strategy implementation in the MIAT autotrading terminal

MIDeFi Multichain protocol (BSC, Polygon etc )

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Own Your Data

Decentralized Web3 Technology

Browse the growing ecosystem of Market Indicator including currencies, brokers and exchanges. Latest security standards ensure a private experience.

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Retain Your Privacy

Pseudo-Anonymous Account Generation

Your phone number, email address, or other date when generating a Market Indicator account are encrypted. Stay safe and selectively keep your information yours with Market Indicator.

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Market Indicator Token , MIDeFI and all products related are going throught highest standart security audits. All audit documents will be officialy published in the designated sections when complete . Also bug bounty for significant issues in the system of 50 000 $ is available for whoever finds any vurnability on the codes and provides the solution for it .

Autotrading terminal uses highest security AWS servers . API secret and public key input happens inside the cloud server itself . This eleminates the transmition of sensitive data between our servers and the VM of the user .

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I want to learn more and have more questions. Where should I turn to?

Our team members will gladly answer all of your questions . If you need to ask something specific – feel free to write us to [email protected]

Mission & Principles

We aim to give our zero experience users an easy to use and read app.It is ranked the highest, most flexible indicator that was created especially cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.After years of testing it was found to be applicable to all financial instruments. The Market Indicator has the hard task of reading the data from the charts, giving you a precise prediction every time.Market Indicator's team believes in fair play for all the traders. Often times those who are new are in a bad position compared to the guys who have been in the market for years. Most of them try changing their lives by choosing to trade. They end up in a tough spot and most times change it for the worse. Market Indicator is here to change that.

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Market Indicator combines tens of instruments .One is the EMA ribbon. That ribbon includes 9 EMAs. Unlike other competitors we keep it simple and leave this information to ourselves - you just see the end result. It also gives a great idea of the trend, supplying you with strong mathematical support or resistance. Market Indicator is designed to easily analyze different assets.

Our smart oscillator helps us get better indications than ever. It combines a few algorithms (public and custom). All of them have been set up up and tested for best trading results. When all the algorithms align, Market Indicator will send you a push notification to your device which will help you in buying when the opportunity comes, as well as when to close your short positions in bear markets. The confirmed buy signal often comes by extreme sellers’ momentum and will help you determine when the bottom has settled in. Market Indicator certainly makes money on all time frames, but is a extremely sharp tool for large swings.

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