What is Market Indicator

Market Indicator comes from over fifteen years of on-floor traders experience and tens of different indicators built inside an application. We aim to give our zero experience users an easy to use and read app.It is ranked the highest, most flexible indicator that was created especially cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.After years of testing it was found to be applicable to all financial instruments. The Market Indicator has the hard task of reading the data from the charts, giving you a precise prediction every time. Market Indicator give you diamond hands in a harsh market, it will find every top and bottom and send you push notifications on your mobile device. If you are a professional and just want to see how it works or you are a novice and want to guide your trades with our app - we got you covered. Try Market Indicator today and see for yourself. It is completely free and will stay this way.

The Team behind Market indicator

We are a mutual fund management team, which consists of 12 experts.

Our hard work has led us to a place where we can help others with our expertise and experience. Market Indicator's team believes in fair play for all the traders. Often times those who are new are in a bad position compared to the guys who have been in the market for years. Most of them try changing their lives by choosing to trade. They end up in a tough spot and most times change it for the worse. Market Indicator is here to change that. This is why we believe that our product will bring benefits to us if it stays FREE, and we will keep it that way. You can count on us while riding the storm or enjoying the gains of your positions. Unlike our competitors charging thousands of dollars for their products we offer you something UNIQUE. Spaces are going to be limited. Make sure you reserve yours Today !

Our Product consist of five algorithms which are custom-built oscillators. Once the algorithms align the application will issue a signal on the candle closing. When there is a CONFIRMED BUY signal you can predict bottoms.When Market Indicator issues a CONFIRMED SELL signal you can see where tops form. The bigger the time frame the more accurate the signal is going to be. You can use it for scalping or for taking a look at the big picture and position yourself for the long run. It is all up to the user. Use it for crypto, stocks, indexes, commodities - you name it.

Core Contributors

Market Indicator is not a traditional organization. We don't have hierarchy, there are no managers, and we encourage location independence. We're all here to achieve our mission, and we have the freedom to choose how we do it

How Does Market Indicator Work ?

Market Indicator is ready to use solution for traders Market Indicator includes over fifteen years of extensive trading and constant development. It is the best, most complex indicator and yet - so easy to use. Just follow the notifications ! It consists of an EMA ribbon. That ribbon includes 9 EMAs. Unlike other competitors we keep it simple and leave this information to ourselves - you just see the end result. It also gives a great idea of the trend, supplying you with strong mathematical support or resistance. Market Indicator is designed to easily analyze different assets.