This is a dummy guide on how to receive and execute Bitcoin trading signals. First we will start by saying that our signals are for everyone – from the experienced trader down to the new user, who has no understanding of how the markets work. In the next ten minutes we will be answering the most common questions that our users ask.


Let’s first review the most common practice – Telegram signals.

This type of signal service IS NOT recommended by Market Indicator team. First of all these signals are issued by an anonymous telegram user, most of the cases has no background and no track record. This can be misleading and might get you in a tough spot. There are some decent groups that you can still make money with, but most of them are PAID or want some kind of monthly subscription. Market Indicator combines crypto, stocks and all other instrument groups so that you can decide for yourself what to invest in and not follow blindly someone’s advice. 


How to get Bitcoin Daily Signals

Market Indicator’s web3 based application has two different directions of work. It depends on whether you are going to be using it manually or automatically. If you have a live account with one of our pre-selected partners, you will be able to enjoy the automation from the time of creation of your account. If you chose some other broker for your journey – you will need to make sure they support OPEN API on their platform. In this case everything is automated and receiving and executing signals only depends on your liquidity.

The other direction is manual trading. If you decide that you want to be in full control of your positions you can enable notifications on your mobile device and receive real time signals on your instrument of preference. In the near future users will be able to select up to five different instruments and receive notifications for all at once. Just pick your cup of tea and decide what is right for you !


Get the Market Indicator APP

Ok so here is the fun part. Our team has developed an app for both Android and IOS devices, which has easy to use, user-friendly interface. Don’t be fooled by our stylish looks – in its genetics the application consist of multiple indicators and algorithms. Some of them are well-known to the public, some are in house development. Our Free Market Indicator application will be always in your favour – whether you are using it to trade or only to check market sentiment – Market Indicator is your best friend in the finance world!