When writing such reviews I always find pleasure. A lot of people are benefiting from such systems and are using them in their liking on a daily basis. You can find people on different social media platforms using them live in their videos, you can see them making hundreds of thousands of dollars in minutes, but we always have some investors that are interested in the product, but are not sure what tool to use. This is why I will answer all the questions in this review. 

While testing Market Indicator’s app we will be writing our honest review and user experience. This is one of the top tools to use in order to make profits. Weather you are using their indicator by yourself or you have automation – this is one of the most exciting tools on the web.

Conclusion: 100 % TESTED AND WORKING, WITH LOG PAGE FOR Transparency.

We can positively say that anyone who follows the signals or uses the automation by some way will be making correct market predictions and therefor profit each and every day.

The Market Indicator is so accurate that we were extremely impressed with the results and other functionality such as notifications and fast and free support if needed. 

Below is the documented case :

Is Market Indicator legit? 

Yes it is! Our team have tested the Market Indicator app using complex analytic tools. What we found was astonishing : The Market Indicator is a legit, 100 % FREE tool, with a success rate of over 94 % when used on higher time frames. Automation is available trough API connection with a brand of your liking, which has Open API. If this does not ring a bell – do not worry, their dedicated support team will help you with any further questions that may rise. 

With such a powerful toolbox, anyone can earn daily profits. 

  • Our extensive testing shows that the exceptional results achieved by the Market Indicator come from its unique algorithm combinations and execution.
  • We have verified all the information that is used on their website and it is 99.9 % accurate.
  • Customer support system scored overall score of 93 % which is higher that 95% of the competitors that we have analysed.
  • Market Indicator’s system is easy to use and intuitive. New and experienced investors will not have any difficulties opening an account.


In the process of testing we have analysed real time data from the indicator. We also analyse reviews on independent websites such as TrustPilot and reviewed real users ratings. At the end of our research we did not find any indication that users are not happy with the experience they are getting. On the contrary – there is a huge level of approval amongst users.


What was done for testing ? 

Testing was easy, since the app is transparent. We tested the incoming signals that were issued, we tested their automation, and we came to a conclusion that their signals ensure users go in the right direction and the software could potentially help users earn noticeable profits. Also now we should mention the straight-forward procedure of registration and opening a live account.

Is Market Indicator reliable ?

The answer is YES. The bigger the time frame the more reliable the system gets. Weekly and monthly signals tend to be the most reliable ones.

How much can you earn ?

Earning with this system is dependent on the value of your account. For example users who have 250 USD will earn distinctively less than users who have 5000 USD. However, we advise users to start with the minimum amount and build up their accounts over time.

User feedback until this day is excellent. However cryptocurrencies and trading them carries risks. This is why we recommend using systems such as Market Indicator.


Can you trust Market Indicator ?

Complex algorithms that are behind Market Indicator are pretty reliable, we made test live trading with their automation API and watched how trades were performed on a daily basis. Trades were accurate with good entry points,  win rate is unbelievably high (94 %)

Is Market Indicator Safe ?

In today’s time our team considers safety our number one priority. Opening account with Market Indicator requires little information, but it must be secure at all times. 

All communication, funds and personal information are encrypted and protected.


What is Market Indicator ?

Market Indicator is web3 based software that uses complex algorithm and indicator combinations to determine the buy and sell zones for different assets. It is an app that is used to earn thousands of dollars every day from traders. Live trading feature can be activated after users make a 250 USD deposit in their in a platform of their choice. Market Indicator analyse your instrument of preference and finds opportunities on the market, when they occur. 

We advise all new users to start with the minimum amount, learn how to use the application the right way and then build up their balances. While having our trading session the indicator managed to predict and close a 11 % trade with leverage of 1 : 10. That is AMAZING ! 

We are happy to say that this software is completely free. You are not obliged to trade. Use it just to observe and join at the right time for you. It can be used by everyone, regardless of their experience. The system does all the work – you just have to sit back and enjoy.


What algorithms does Market Indicator use ?

Well, that is a company secret. You wouldn’t ask what is inside a Mercedes-Benz engine, you just enjoy driving it. The same is with the algorithms. The company disclosed a little bit of their secret – five different algorithms, which are oscillator based and work in a symbiosis. When the system finds an entry a live push notification is sent to the user. If API automation is enabled with the account execution of the trade is without human intervention (automatic) . 

Market Indicator is the best FREE tool we have used so far. However, we should mention that trading is high risk operation and you should invest only what you can afford. 



We came to a verdict that Market Indicator is a legit and reliable tool, it is suitable for both experienced and new users. It is secure, transparent, FREE to use AND WE RECOMMEND IT FOR EVERYONE WHO IS A TRADER OR WANTS TO BE.

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